Rollers we are capable of doing.

The graphic industry

- sheet offset for UV and traditional inks
- rotation offset
- flexography printing
- lacquer application rollers
- laminating rollers

The furniture industry

- lacquer application rollers
- glue application and dosing rollers
- contact sanding rollers and calibrating rollers
- wheels and rolls for belt saw
- stain and varnish rollers; soft cover 20-40 ShA

Plastic and paper packaging

- laminating rollers
- squeezing rollers
- flexography rollers
- transportation rollers
- silicon for Corona application

The food industry

- feed rollers in qualities approved for use with food products

Metal industry

- varnishing rollers
- squeezing rollers
- printing rollers
- lacquer application rollers

Chemical processes

- rollers for plate and film processors

 If you dont find suitable product group here, just ask and we will find a solution